Wild Cherry Bed & Breakfast

The first thing you will do is to stop to take in the peaceful clear breathtaking view overlooking the beautiful valley that is the home to the most remarkable town in Australia… Walhalla. Breakfast may be enjoyed in your room or if the weather is suitable, feel free to come over to the Wild Cherry Cottage verandah and share the view with us as you dine on our breakfast prepared by your two chefs! From the moment you arrive at the Wild Cherry Bed and Breakfast and admire the beautiful view, you will know that you are going to have a memorable experience. Church Hill Road, Walhalla takes you past the original stone wall built in 1869, the historic corner stores and then past the beautiful old weatherboard St John’s Church and continuing along the road up to Wild Cherry Bed and Breakfast. Spend your day exploring the historic town and then wander back to the verandah of Wild Cherry Cottage and have a seat… but, now its up to you to sit back and totally relax and take in this very special part of Victoria. A few feathered friends including lorikeets, king parrots and kookaburras may drop by for some afternoon tea of fresh blended bird seed as they have been doing for many years every afternoon at the Wild Cherry Bed & Breakfast.

wild cherry - Wild Cherry Bed & Breakfast