Burnt Store Art Space – Lardner Park

The Art Space is a collective of local Gippsland artisans, showcasing their art through a variety of mediums to guests and visitors at Lardner Park.

The exhibiting visual artists were brought together by renowned local artist Kerrie Warren, with the concept being ‘the landscape and our place within it’. It represents local artists who naturally explored this subject through their own diverse styles of work.  The theme resonates with the location as the Burnt Store Art Space is situated amongst the rolling hills of West Gippsland – at Lardner Park.

The artists involved are passionately dedicated to their practice and regularly open their studios and galleries to the public, some by appointment only.  They look forward to coming together in Burnt Store Art Space to showcase a group exhibition of work which results in a meaningful and emotive experience for both local community and visitors to the region.

The name ‘Burnt Store Art Space’ evolved via an historical journey to explore the origin of the Burnt Store Road address of which Lardner Park is located. It was found that a Henri Rintel operated a general store, to serve the needs of early settlers, which sadly burnt down in 1879. After re-building his store it was again destroyed in the bushfires in 1882. In 1890 after clearing and development, the name Burnt Store Road was born.

Lardner Park is proud to support the artists who have generously pledged 20% commission from the sale of art to be donated to the West Gippsland Hospital and the Neerim District Soldiers Memorial Hospital.

For more information check out their website