Gary Miles

Gary Miles usually works in a series. His approach is to set up camp in remote areas of Australia for up to six weeks at a time in an attempt to “capture split moments of thought”. His landscapes are unmistakably Australian, but as interpreted through his mind’s eye.

His works are landscape based, to gain knowledge of a living-working-existing-surviving land.  The thrill of observing beauty, wild weather patterns, changing surfaces and the way man manipulates as far as he can.  The landscape will always revert back through the erosions of time.

Gary’s paintings are a dance of line, marks, and colour.  A thorough language from one artist.  Gary’s work wants to give that impression of being in it, to live and to observe, to watch the way this land is created and watch how the landscape moves and changes with time.

Gary’s gallery and his studio are located at a stunning property in the rolling green hills of Baw Baw. His work is housed in the historic Bradley Hall, a piece of history lovingly restored.

You can contact Gary on his mobile 0407 443 606, or visit him at