Graeme Myrteza

Graeme Myrteza is a proud family man, farmer, and painter from the hills of Thorpdale, a small country town in Gippsland, Victoria. He has lived and worked in this beautiful place nearly all his life.

Growing up Graeme was a typical country boy who loved to fish, hunt and involves himself in all manner of childhood exploits and adventures and it was during these very early years that his lifelong artistic journey began.  As a child, Graeme would draw and paint almost all the time, but once Graeme left school his creative adventures gave way to full-time farm work and family, so in the years that followed he only occasionally found time for the odd doodle or sketch.

After the loss of his son Brett in 2005, Graeme started painting again, and from then on he has had a brush in my hand pretty much every day. Graeme’s painting skills are for the most part self-taught, and he has had no real academic training.

From frequent visits to Melbourne galleries, Graeme found his hero’s of Australian landscape painting to be Hans Heysen, Frederick McCubbin and Arthur Streeton.  Brett never saw Graeme paint, but if you look close enough you can find Brett’s initials in every painting.

Graeme has found that over the years he has grown to love the smell of oil paint, turps, and raw canvas almost as much as the constant challenge in trying to capture the majestic gums, creeks and brilliant landscapes of our beautiful country.

Graeme loves to share his work and by coming to meet him you can enjoy his paintings; perhaps they will in some way re-kindle fond memories of your own past experiences in the Aussie bush.

For more information on Graeme head to his website