Grand Ridge Road

Grand Ridge Road is one of the great tourist drives of Victoria. For about 40kms it winds its way along the ridge of the Strzelecki Ranges, providing stunning views of the beautiful green hills and natural environment.

Grand Ridge Road, is one of those incredible opportunities for the journey and the destination to intertwined and offer visitors a journey and a destination that exceeds all expectations.

Enjoy the day out, or the weekend and take a road trip, the sights are well worth the drive and the discoveries you find along the way, lead to a surprise around every corner.

Quick Facts

  • Nearest Town: Warragul
  • Start/Finish: Starting from the Warragul-Korumburra Road, about 10kms south of Warragul, with the road finishing the rural town of Mirboo North
  • Distance: 43kms
  • Time: It can take a few hours from start to finish, but you can plan shorter sections, or spread the journey over the weekend.
  • Effort: No effort required, just relax and enjoy the drive
  • Be prepared:  Make sure you take a printed map as sometimes the signs can be weather damaged and phone reception can falter. Bring snacks, great music and a camera – get out there and enjoy the sights and sounds this beautiful region has to offer.
  • Accessibility: Drive your own car, and choose your own journey, this activity will suit most. The road is about half gravel and the other half is sealed – so take care when travelling, however, any car in reasonable condition should handle it.
  • Pets: Pets are welcome to join you on your drive – just check the local regulations for dogs (generally a leash is required) if you stop at any points of interest on the way

Getting started

Wherever your journey begins from, as soon as you reach Baw Baw you will be marvelled with rolling green hills, paddocks filled with the produce our region is so famous for and when you find yourself on Grand Ridge Road, around every twist and turn there are more hidden gems to be uncovered.

Grand Ridge Road 

Grand Ridge Road begins about 10kms south of Warragul, with the turnoff located on the left-hand side. As soon as you begin your journey you will be greeted with a stunning panoramic view of the emerald hills and valleys.

Nothing is flat, with the hills dotted with country style cottages and farmhouses. Grand Ridge Road is located on the sides of mountains and nestled in valleys, with the road demanding your constant attention, giving you the opportunity to make the most of your drive, enjoy the smooth turns and the feeling of your car hugging the road.

As you continue your journey you will find yourself uncovering something new around every bend, the road is gravel in some places and can be steep so be sure to take your time, and for first timers we recommend exploring the road when the weather is fine, sun isn’t mandatory but decent weather would help you navigate the roads. Take it slow on the roads, be mindful or changing conditions, wildlife and other drivers.


Be sure to take a map and plan your route ahead of time – this will allow you to locate any toilets or other pit stops along the way you may want to make. Both Warragul and Mirboo North, at the beginning and end of your trip provide toilets and a place to stop for lunch, either at a local café or in one of the beautiful parks if you prefer a picnic lunch.

How to get here

The drive from Melbourne will take about 1 hour and 25 minutes. Head straight down the M1 toward Warragul, take the exit for Warragul (C425) and once you reach the turnoff take a right continuing to follow the C425. Head straight through the approaching roundabout and follow the road for about 10kms until you reach Grand Ridge Road on your left-hand side.

And if you need a map, we have you covered –

While you’re there be sure to check out

The beginning of Grand Ridge Road is located about 10kms south of one of our largest towns Warragul. The perfect place to stop and prepare for your trip – be that to refuel, get some snacks for the road or spend a few hours and enjoy the delicious cafes and restaurants and explore the wide variety of shopping from boutique shops to local produce. It’s also a fantastic place to spend the night – with plenty of accommodation options available.

On your way, take a slight detour and visit Mount Worth State Park, a truly breathtaking place. Mount Worth State Park protects a remnant of the forests that once covered the western Strzelecki Ranges. It is a stunning, peaceful location and one of Baw Baw’s greatest hidden gems.

Tall, wet forests of Mountain Ash, Mountain Grey Gum and Blackwood grow on the hills and slopes, and tree ferns flourish in sheltered gullies, offering every visitor the opportunity to experience them up close with several the walks throughout the park. You may see one of our local lyrebird friends scratching amongst the leaf litter or discover relics of the timber industry that operated on the slopes around Mount Worth in the 1920s.

Stay the night: And don’t forget to check what’s near you on your journey, some stunning B&Bs can be found amongst the rolling green hills.

We love visitors here in Baw Baw so come and visit us today!