Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine

The Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine is  Victoria’s 5th largest gold mine.

In 1863, a group of prospectors led by Ned Stringer travelled down the Aberfeldy River from the Goulburn valley at the same time as the goldfields of the Jordan and Jericho were being opened up. The group reached the Thomson River and followed it downstream exploring tributaries as they travelled. Reaching the tributary we now know as Stringer’s Creek, they found good gold prospects. By following this creek upstream for a day the gold in the creek was reaching significant levels each man in the party was finding around an ounce of gold daily and the news soon got out, inspiring a rush to the area to the place that is now called Walhalla.

During its prosperous history the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mining Company produced 13.7 tonnes of gold.

Tours are operated by experts on the mine and can offer a range of stories, from general stories about the lives of miners to technical tours.

The general tours offer visitors a chance to learn about Mine’s history and the history of Walhalla. See the world renowned Cohens Reef and the remains of exploratory drilling undertaken in 2004. See the real, original workings of early miners, their lunchroom, equipment and much more.

For those wanting to dive deeper the technical tour offers, overhand back filled stope mining methods used in deep quartz reef mines will be explained with discussion on how these methods have developed into the 21st Century. The group will also learn how the mine was ventilated, kept dry and lit. Haulage methods in the Long Tunnel Extended Mine, and its neighbour, the Long Tunnel Mine were unique and arrangements for vertical and horizontal haulage will be explained.

A trip to the mine is the quintessential Walhalla experience!