Several spectacular waterfalls can be found in the Baw Baw region. Amphitheatre and Toorongo Falls The Amphitheatre and Toorongo Falls are located in Noojee with the source being the Toorongo River which rises in the State Forest northeast of Noojee and eventually joins with the Latrobe River. The Amphitheatre Falls waterfall is situated in a natural amphitheatre, hence the name and is located just a short 10 minute walk from the Toorongo Falls Reserve car park. The Toorongo Falls waterfall is a stunning tiered waterfall about a 1.5km return walk from the car park. There is a lovely picnic ground on site as well as ample parking for cars and coaches, barbeques, and toilets and Noojee is only a short drive away for a coffee or a more substantial meal. Lawson Falls Lawson Falls are located in the Bunyip State Park sourced by the Lawson Creek. There is a car park, picnic tables and toilets located at the Forest Road Picnic Ground. The distinctive bush atmosphere and the diversity of flora and fauna provide an exceptional natural condition to the Bunyip State Park and the waterfalls add a delightful surprise. Moonlight Creek Falls The Moonlight Creek Falls are located near Darnum and are sourced by the Moonlight Creek which rises from the hills of Mt Worth State Park and are near the Ainsleys Falls. There are tables, fireplaces and toilets provided but no camping is permitted. The falls are accessed by following the Moonlight Creek Walking Track upstream for approximately 3km. A sign points to the waterfall and a side track leads to the base of the falls 30m away. There are a few different waterfalls at this site and all worth the walk. Narracan Falls Narracan Falls are located out the back of Trafalgar about 10-12kms from the highway. The waterfalls are sourced by the Narracan Creek which rises in the hills northwest of Thorpdale and eventually joins the Latrobe River near Lake Narracan. The falls can be accessed by a walking path of about 50m from the car park which leads to the base of the falls. There is car and coach parking as well as picnic tables and open fireplaces in the reserve. Possum Hollow Falls Possum Hollow Falls are located near Darnum and are sourced by the Tarwin River. The falls are also very close to the Ainsley and Moonlight Creek Falls. Access to the falls is via a descending bank on the side of the road. Tanjil Falls The Tanjil Falls are sourced by the Tanjil River and are located near Noojee. There is no actual carpark for the falls and they are accessed at the bottom of a track about 1km from the side of the road. Tarago Falls The Tarago Falls are located in the Bunyip State Park and are sourced by the Tarago River. The falls are accessed by walking down a 50m track until the river lever is reached. Tarago Falls are located approximately 75m below the weir wall. GPS Coordinates Tramway Falls Tramway Falls are located near Tanjil Bren and are sourced from the Tanjil River. They are accessed by a 1.2km walk from the road and it is a flat walking track. There are three waterfalls within a short distance of each other. West Tarwin Falls The West Tarwin Falls are located near Darnum and a sourced by the Tarwin River. There is bush camping available and as they are close to the Moonlight Creek Picnic area those facilities can be used. Some images supplied from 250 Victorian Waterfalls by Ray Barber and Ian Wacey 1st edition published in 2011. Waterfalls Walking Tracks Amphitheatre Falls Loop Track Toorongo Falls Track

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