Drouin Tree Walks

Drouin Tree Walks, by Friends of Drouin Trees

This book is designed to showcase the remnant and planted trees that stand tall in and around Drouin. Many of the giant Eucalypts of the Great Gippsland Forest were cut down to make way for farmland and the railway, but some giants still remain today. Drouin has more than 100 giants with trunk girths over 6m; the biggest of these ‘The Settlement Giant’ is 12.5 m in trunk girth! We are also privileged to have a number of spectacular elms, oaks, planes and other exotic trees planted in early settlement. Some well over one hundred years old. Many with stories to tell as you will discover in these walks.

Friends of Drouin’s Trees have also published two bird books The Birds of Drouin (2019) and the Birds of Drouin and District (2021) as a companion volumes to the Drouin Tree Walks book These two bird books celebrate the special avian inhabitants and the very beautiful places and spaces where they live, in Drouin and surrounds. Photos taken by the remarkable Peter Ware. Books are pocket sized and easy to read and understand, but filled with interesting facts and information.

A downloadable version of the Drouin Tree Walks book is available here. 

Downloadable versions of the two Bird books are available here. 

Or you can pick up a physical copy of the Drouin Tree Walks and Birds of Drouin book for $2 from your nearest outlet.

  • Amcal Pharmacy, Drouin
  • French Pear Cafe, Drouin
  • Middels Tapas Bar and Restaurant, Drouin
  • L&F Eyecare, Drouin
  • Drouin Library, West Gippsland Libraries
  • Bendigo Bank, Drouin
  • Drouin Post Office
  • West Gippsland Hospital Op shop
  • Drouin Nursery
  • Warragul Leisure Centre
  • L &F Eyecare
  • West Gippsland Arts Centre
  • Yarragon Town and Country Gallery
  • L&F Eyecare, Moe

The Baw Baw Shire Biodiversity poster is another publication. An A6 poster showing some of the extraordinary wildlife in our Shire. Designed and produced by the Friends of Drouin’s Trees and financed by the Baw Baw Shire. Available free from Baw Baw Shire Council Civic Centre Drouin or contact friendsofdrouinstrees@gmail.com

Download poster here.