Walhalla Cemetery

Some say they buried the dead standing up in Walhalla, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. They didn’t really bury people standing up in Walhalla’s Cemetery, but it might have been easier if they had. Situated on the steep eastern side of the valley, it is rightly regarded as one of Victoria’s most significant and unusual cemeteries.

It is a must see for any visitors when coming to Walhalla, with more than 1100 people were buried here, and many of the headstones tell of the hardships endured by the early settlers.

Quick Facts

  • Nearest Town: Walhalla
  • Start/Finish: You can find the path to the cemetery right near the ‘Wally Pub’ (Walhalla Lodge and Hotel) – there is a signpost to direct you!
  • Distance: A short 500m switchback
  • Time: The walk will only take about 10 minutes each way, but take your time you’ll want at least an hour to explore the site
  • Effort: Easy, suitable for all fitness levels.
  • Be prepared:  Only a comfortable pair of shoes is required
  • Accessibility: Uneven, gravel paths and steps are required to access the site

Getting started

The drive to Walhalla will take you on a windy, and beautiful journey, allowing you to pass through some of our most adventurous and picturesque towns, Erica and Rawson. Be sure to take your time and enjoy the journey!

Details of Location

The cemetery is  surrounded by the magnificent native bushland with a white picket fence. Paths run between each row of gravesites, and dry stone walls terrace the rows. A staircase runs up one side and on the other side, rows are connected by rough steps or goat tracks.

Some of the graves are marked with wooden crosses, which tells the story of the hardships faces by those during the gold rush. Some of the headstone’s also have inscriptions which give you a preview into the lives of those who lived and worked in Walhalla. The grave of James Mitchell bears an inscription foretelling doom for all those who stand over his tomb. He died in a mining accident in 1880, and his tombstone reads:

“Oh! Let my sudden doom
A warning be to all
E’en while thou bendest o’er my tomb
Thou may’st as quickly fall”
A visitor to the cemetery the perfect activity for those lovers of history – and new mobile tower in Walhalla will allow you to research some of the names and the families that lived there while you are exploring. Get inspired by a part of Australia’s unique, gold rush history.

How to get here

The drive from Melbourne CBD takes around 2 and a half hrs . Take the M1 towards Warragul and continue to Moe for the most direct route. (For a great scenic drive, we recommend going through Willow Grove and check out Blue Rock Lake on the way https://goo.gl/maps/xVN3UZ6t61xZ5KVz8)

Once you reach the Moe turn off (it’s hard to miss with a large truck stop/McDonalds coming into view as you approach the exit) make your way through the town and head toward Walhalla on the Moe Walhalla Road. Make the most of the scenic drive and enjoy the winding roads, and stunning scenery, you will pass through the beautiful town of Erica.

Past Erica, you will find yourself heading toward Rawson, take a right onto Knotts Siding Road (C481) and head through the town of Rawson coming out onto Tyers-Walhalla Road. Follow the road (and signs) into the Walhalla Township.

Once you reach Walhalla you will find the entrance to the cemetery park signposted near the Walhalla Lodge and Hotel (Wally Pub).

If you need a map we have you covered – https://goo.gl/maps/thwaPFHCbEnJ5Gsz9

While you’re there be sure to check out – 

Make a weekend of your trip to the Horseshoe Bend Tunnel and explore the nearby towns. Be sure to stop by Walhalla. This unique mountain outpost offers visitors an opportunity to experience golden era surroundings and atmosphere. A flourishing gold mining town in the 19th century, today the township provides visitors a window into life as it once was.

On your way stop by Erica, the gateway to the Walhalla and Mountain Rivers Region, a popular base for indulging the adventurer within, and enjoying the great outdoors. Enjoy bushwalking, trail riding, motorbiking, mountain biking, fishing, camping, four-wheel driving and more – the fun never stops. In the Winter months, let Erica warm you up, and provide the perfect base for snow adventures at Mt Baw Baw or Mt St Gwinear.

Located just 10 minutes from Erica, Rawson is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. It’s a beautiful place and a stunning setting to camp or caravan and explore the tracks and trails that surround the town. It’s a great place to try your hand at bushwalking, fishing, canoeing, river rafting, bird watching or gold panning.

Stay the night: Nearby Walhalla has plenty of accommodation options, from B&B’s with stunning views and charming hospitality, to luxury accommodation. There are also several nearby campgrounds, which provide the opportunity to spend the night under the stars. A few popular spots are the Chinese Garden Campgrounds (bookings are required, and the Walhalla Museum and Gift Shop can help you), the Coopers Creek Camping Area and the Thomsons Bridge Camping Area.

We love visitors here in Baw Baw so come and visit us today!