Bandicoot Walking Track

Located at the gateway to Baw Baw, Longwarry, the Bandicoot Walking Track is the perfect location to stop and take the opportunity to slow down and get some exercise, and while you’re there explore Longwarry. Home to some delicious cafes, the combination of food and getting outdoors is sure to make for a wonderful weekend.

On this short track learn about the Southern Brown Bandicoot. Interpretative signs pave the way and provide visitors with an opportunity to learn about one of Baw Baw’s native residents.

Quick Facts

  • Nearest Town: Longwarry
  • Start/Finish: Longwarry Recreation Reserve
  • Distance: 800m one-way
  • Time: Approximately half an hour, including walking back
  • Effort: Easy, suitable for most fitness levels
  • Be prepared: Being such a short walk, supplies are easy – comfortable shoes and water!
  • Accessibility: The track is a gravel surface, and mostly flat
  • Pets: Dogs are welcome, however, please keep your four-legged friend on a leash/under control

Getting started

Enjoy the drive with no traffic lights once you leave the city and the opportunity to take in your surroundings as the views change from tall, high rise buildings to rolling green hills and vast open spaces.

Longwarry is located just an hour from Melbourne, and its ease of access, and provides the opportunity to engage with nature and enjoy lunch before heading in and exploring more of what Baw Baw has to offer.

Bandicoot Walking Track

A short, yet engaging walk, it offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about one of our most famous residents, the Southern Brown Bandicoot.

The Southern Brown Bandicoot is an endangered species and is a grey-brown marsupial with a long tapering snout. Preferring scrubby habitats with plenty of low ground cover and shelter, It sleeps in a nest made from grasses and other plant material, and at night emerges to feed on a variety of insects, earthworms, and plants.

They also play an important role in our ecosystem by turning over the soil which helps increase the rate of leaf litter decomposition and nutrient cycling.

So, what are you waiting for? Head out on the road today and learn more about this amazing animal today!


The beginning of the trail is located at the Longwarry Recreation Reserve, which houses toilets and seating. The trail is also located close to the town centre.

How to get here

The drive to Longwarry is simple and stress-free. As you leave the M1 head West towards Warragul. The directions to Longwarry are simple, follow the highway, about 80kms until you reach the Bunyip-Tonimbuk Road turn off (located on your right) and then a left onto Longwarry- Nar Nar Goon Road, and follow it straight into the town of Longwarry where you will find the Longwarry Recreation Reserve.

If you need a map, we have you covered –

While you’re there be sure to check out

The gateway to Baw Baw, Longwarry! This growing country town is just 80kms from Melbourne and is the perfect place to stop for a walk, refreshment and refuel. Delicious cafes are sure to appeal to every taste and fuel your journey for a weekend in Baw Baw.

Plan your trip to Longwarry on the first Sunday of the month and visit the Longwarry Market, this market attracts people from near and far and is a great way to begin your adventures in Baw Baw.

We love visitors here in Baw Baw so come and visit us today!