Horseshoe Bend Tunnel

The Thomson River Diversion Tunnel, commonly known as the Horseshoe Bend Tunnel, is located about 4km south-west of the historical Walhalla township. The tunnel was blasted through a ridge of land know as the Stockriders Spur, around which the river formed its characteristic horseshoe bend. Diversion tunnels facilitated alluvial gold mining along the former courses of rivers. Once completed in 1912, the river flowed through the 220 metre long tunnel, leaving the riverbed to be sluiced for alluvial gold. Horseshoe Bend Tunnel is of historical, archaeological and social significance to Victoria. The tunnel is one of the last and longest diversion runnels constructed for the winning of gold in Victoria. The walk offers views of both the entrance and exists of the tunnel. Modes of Transport: Walking Difficulty: Medium – Steep hillside track. At end of track near the Thomson River, surfaces are rocky and uneven, so caution is required. Distance: Short – 2km (45 mins) return

Walhalla Horseshoe Bend Tunnel