The Noojee Sanctuary

The Four elements of


Earth – Accommodation

Water – Massage

Air – Botanic’s and essential oil products

Fire – workshops/circles/retreats

Gift yourself some time, reconnect with nature and self

Accommodation – People who have comes to stay with us at the sanctuary say they feel so relaxed and grounded here. Many people have said how they loved how the room was decorated, that they could feel all the love that went into details and that they were very comfortable and cosy. They either loved spending time feeding the birds or feeding the alpacas from the backyard or exploring the many sights and bush walks around our small town and forest valley.

Massage – I provide Hawaiian Heartworks Lomi Lomi for women only from the sanctuary. The ladies who have experiences this special massage say they feel so relaxed, nurtured, balanced and grounded afterwards. Much care and energy is put into it, intention is set, the room is heated to simulate the tropics, the rhythmic Hawaiian music is playing as i preform a massage that is very flowing and rhythmic like the ocean and helps release blockages and balance out the whole body.

Botanic’s and essential oils – I’ve always had an interest in how plants can be used in cooking and healing, for many years I have enjoyed growing a variety of herbs for these purposes, always exploring different methods which has lead to distilling them for their oil and hydrosols. I’ve taken a love for gardening and natural remedies and combined them into an exploration of its own… I have begun producing hydrosols for their therapeutic applications and I’ve since begun to source high quality essential oils from distributors across Australia with the aim to share and create natural self care products at a low cost. there is no need for nasty chemicals, nature has an amazing ability to heal and even if its natural, it doesn’t mean it has to break the bank.

Workshops/Circles – I’ve created such a special and nurturing space here at The Sanctuary that I enjoy sharing with people who need and respect it. I decided a few years ago to host howl at the moon parties, I would set the place up to have each space offering a different feel, yet all an exploration of self, a relax room full of soothing music and self care comforts, a music room full of instruments, an art room full of creative things and so on… We had great times, good laughs, personal growth celebrated by nurturing souls. I’ve decided to revisit that in a whole new way with a 5m large bell tent. Offering not only women’s circles but workshops of different interests. We currently have several hypnosis for anxiety workshops happening, we have a weed foraging tour coming up, a drum making workshop, a meditation day retreat and so on. It’s so humbling to create such an environment that is encouraging of expressive soul talents and it’s exciting to get to work in with some amazingly talented unique people and share their skills. If your interested in any of those please feel free to contact me and i will send you through details and dates