Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings

Ecoliv design and build sustainable, pre-fabricated modular homes. Our award-winning modular homes can be designed and configured to meet your needs and taste. Ecoliv Sustainable Buildings feature clean architectural lines and low maintenance products to create a timeless and contemporary style that effortlessly convenes with nature. Each Ecoliv Building has been designed to achieve a minimum 7 star energy rating. Our homes are sustainably built in 14 weeks ready and can be transported to the required destination anywhere in Australia. All the materials we use in our homes have been thoroughly researched and selected due to their sustainability credentials. Ecoliv’s holistic approach looks at the building’s overall impact and focuses on these 6 environmental goals: Siting and design efficiency Energy Efficiency Water Efficiency Materials efficiency Indoor environment quality Waste reduction At Ecoliv, we strive to create affordable green homes, designed with a minimalist contemporary look, combining environmental integrity and flexibility through the modular concept. Our aim is for all new homes to significantly reduce household energy requirement and generate their own solar power savings greenhouse gases and electricity bills into the future. If you’d like to know more, please get in contact with us. We can discuss your needs, designs, and the process with you at our Display Centre. We also have our factory nearby, on Carneys Road, where visitors can learn how our homes are constructed.

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