Tea Duelling

The Art of Tea Duelling is coming to Walhalla. Tea Duelling is when two parties sit down with a cup of tea, and to be clear it must be a cup of tea (coffee, hot chocolate, etc. will not be permitted), and biscuits. The Tiffen Master (the person presiding over the event), will direct the dualists to submerge their biscuits for a set period of time (usually 5 seconds). The aim is for the duellist to get the soggy biscuit from cup to mouth. If the biscuit drops back into the cup, the holder of the cup is disqualified. If the cup leaves the table, or an individual duellist leans too far over the table, they are disqualified.

So now you know the basics (and don’t worry our Tiffen Master will guide you on the day) all that’s left is to come and enjoy. It is the ultimate measure of quick wit and a steady hand, even if you’re not a duellist, it is a great spectator sport, so come along and enjoy the duel!

Tea Duelling will occur on both Saturday and Sunday afternoon at the Steampunk Gala in Walhalla at the Star Hotel, across from the Mountaineers Brass Band Rotunda. Your ticket price includes all entertainment, including the chance to win bragging rights in tea duelling.

Event Times

Saturday 29 August:

  • 2.30pm

Sunday 30 August:

  • 2.30pm

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