Tough Mudder at Lardner Park

Get ready Gippsland, it’s time to get muddy!  The internationally renowned event Tough Mudder is coming to Lardner Park in October 2019.

At Lardner Park it will be a 16+ kilometer mud and obstacle course designed to test you both mentally and physically.  Will it be challenging – yes!  Will it test your mental grit – absolutely!  But it will also strengthen camaraderie and the soul, and the beauty of the event is that you don’t have to be the fittest person in the world to participate, there are no winner or clocks to race against.

Lardner Park has been touted as the ideal Tough Mudder location, providing the perfect mix of muddy flats, lush rolling hills and thick shrub for competitors to tackle.  Guaranteed to have more mud than ever before, your legs will be crying out for some hard ground.  With obstacles galore both new and from the vault, the event is set to attract crowds of newfound and Tough Mudder legionnaires.

For those not keen on mud but willing to cheer and encourage the brave, simply book a spectator pass and come along.  And for anyone under the age of 13-years old is free – that’s right, free.

For event information or to book your tickets, visit

gettyimages 177582960 - Tough Mudder at Lardner Park