World Jousting Championship 2019

It is time.

Shine your armour, prepare your trusty steed, sharpen your sword and prepare for battle.

Visit Baw Baw is excited to announce the World Jousting Championships descending upon Lardner Park on June 1st & 2nd 2019.

It may surprise some that Australia is one of the leading nations driving jousting’s resurgence, boasting our own reigning world champion Phillip Leitch from Ballarat.

The equipment worn by these brave knights is no different from real medieval armour, riding their trusty steeds, highly trained horses.

Both competitors gallop toward each other sporting lances that are 3.6 metres of solid pine tipped with a 3-pronged steel spear tip. Separated only by a wooden barrier called a tilt to aid in protecting the horse and the knights aim to strike each other from the bottom of the shield to the top of the helmet in order to smash their lances.

Their combined speed is about 40 kmh and the result is an absolute train wreck.

Knights from England, France, Canada, Norway and the Netherlands will vie with Sir Phillip and two fellow Australian qualifiers for the crown. With the crown being awarded to the absolute best and most skilled knight alive today!

The World Jousting Championship will offer visitors a complete medieval village, full flight birds of prey, viking battles, a knightly foot tournament, archery, a trebuchet, and even a Shakespearean tavern. A great day out for the family.

Brutal and spectacular, come and see shining steel armour and real knights go at it with thundering hooves, steel armour and splintering lances in this ‘original extreme sport’.

This is an event not to be missed. Be brave, be strong, be there, at the World Jousting Championships 2019. Get your tickets here!

BN7I1509 - World Jousting Championship 2019