Labertouche is located on the edge of the Bunyip State Park, east of the Bunyip river on the land between the former Great Swamp and the hilly ranges that rise to Jindivick. Just 90 km from Melbourne and predominately a dairy farming area, this is still the case today and a key part of towns rich history.

While in the area take the time to explore the Bunyip State Park, and then head further into Baw Baw and uncover some delicious places to eat, and more opportunities to unleash your inner adventurer and explore some of our incredible experiences.

And a fun fact, boxing legend Lionel Rose was born in Labertouche, growing up on Jacksons Track, the road connecting Labertouche to Jindivick.

Spend the weekend, discover a B&B hidden in the green hills of Baw Baw and surround yourself with peace, or for those who prefer to rest your head elsewhere we have plenty of options.

And, if you need a map, we have you covered –

We love visitors here in Baw Baw so come and visit us today!