Walhalla is a popular tourist destination for people from near and far. Its unique history as a magnet for 19th-century gold prospectors combined with its majestic rugged mountain landscapes makes it a must-see for over 120,000 visitors each year.

Located less than 2 and a half hours East of Melbourne, find yourself transported to another place, in another time. Walhalla is the only town that’s history can be rivaled by its beauty.

Walhalla’s history began when gold was discovered in 1862. The town’s name was taken from an early gold mine in the area, named for the German hall of fame, the Walhalla Temple (Valhalla from Norse legend). Up to 4000 people called Walhalla home at the peak of the gold rush and by 1870 there were numerous stores, butchers, bakers hotels, banks, post office, school, mechanics institute hall, churches, breweries, and a newspaper.

Today if you venture to Walhalla you can enjoy its quaint array of shops and cafes, explore some of the remaining buildings from the gold rush era and all set against a cathedral of towering trees above.

If you are looking for something to eat, the Walhalla Pub is the perfect place for a traditional pub style meal, or if you prefer something smaller there are café options available, and some great options for a cup of coffee.

For those looking to learn about life as it was, or experience the adventurous side if Walhalla take a ride on the Walhalla Goldfields Railway, explore the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine or even try your hand at panning for gold in nearby Stringers Creek.

For those looking to experience the dark side of Walhalla, and dive deeper into its rich history there are also ghost tours that run every Saturday night. Learn the secrets of the past such as the grave of James Mitchell. Known as the cursed grave its probably one of the significant accidents and one of the significant graves at the cemetery. James Mitchell was killed in a mine accident but the inscription on the gravestone reads- ‘Oh let my sudden doom, a warning be to all. Here while thou bendeth over thy tomb, thou may as quickly fall’. When you explore the town you will discover there is a ghost story attached to most buildings in the town, and if you ask around the locals will be able to tell tales of the strange occurrences the town has seen.

Whether you are looking for a quiet, peaceful break from reality or to discover something new and get the heart pumping Walhalla has it all.

Walhalla is also the beginning of the Australian Alpine Walking Track, and also a series of other walking tracks if you are looking to explore and reconnect with nature. A favourite of ours is Poverty Point, with its spectacular views.

And a little tip from us, each season in Walhalla brings something new to enjoy, and our favourite time to take photos and stroll around the town is Autumn. The beautiful trees in the area offer the town a kaleidoscope of colours to marvel at.

Nearby towns, Erica and Rawson and offer unique natural experiences and alternative accommodation options, while you are enjoying the Mountain Rivers Region. And at just an hour from the alpine village of Mount Baw Baw, it’s a great place to base yourself for a short break. with multiple terrain parks, downhill ski runs, snowboarding and plenty of space to indulge in a little snow play or tobogganing.

And don’t think that Mt Baw Baw is only for winter lovers, in the green season escape to the mountain and take a leisurely walk amongst the wildflowers or pack your bikes and embark on a mountain biking adventure! For the less adventurous, sit back, relax and enjoy the stunning mountain views. At the end of the day, soak in the Rock Spa Pool and then take in sunsets that are breathtaking, and unique to Mt Baw Baw. Base yourself in Erica and enjoy all the pleasures of Mt Baw Baw during the day and experience country hospitality as the sun goes down.

With so much to explore why not spend the night (or longer!) with the Star Hotel, the towns largest boutique accommodation, it’s quiet and relaxed atmosphere will offer you an escape from reality. If you prefer something self-contained check out the local B&B’s in the area, some of them are the original homes found in Walhalla and any night spent in them is something magical. The late-rising mist, spectacular when the sun breaks through, lingers in the air adding to the atmosphere of the town.

And, if you need a map, we have you covered – https://goo.gl/maps/7onAoRizcFjZsQfx5

And something important to remember when planning your trip, Yarragon or Moe is the last stop for fuel on your way to the Mountain Rivers Region so take the chance to stock up while you can.

We love visitors here in Baw Baw so come and visit us today!